Sunday, September 20, 2009

Real Estate Listings Going Into Cell Phones

Posted By: Lisa Matthys

Written By: Josh Brodesky

Searching online home listings on your desktop is becoming oh so 1990s.

The push is on in real estate to capture the mobile market — and the elusive 35-and-younger demographic that comes with it.

Numerous brokerages and listing companies have launched mobile Web sites and smart-phone applications to showcase homes on cell phones. There are also text feeds that send prospective buyers information on listings.

But the founder and president of Tucson-based Nova Home Loans, Ray Desmond, is dialing up something bigger.

He has launched a new platform that lets users search listings, pre-qualify for loans, call up title reports and even submit offers — all by cell phone. Deals could be made — or at least tentatively agreed to — in minutes.

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  1. I am not surprised that the real estate market has targeted the mobile industry as a way to market listings for homes. Today everyone is on their cell phone regularly and it makes sense to promote listings on people's cell phones. I think this will help boost the struggling market.

    Posted By Adam Lindheim

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  3. I installed application about Stock market or Currency exchange things like that. Real Estate mobile service is definitely necessary for people who work for this industry.

    commented by Minjune Kim

  4. I think marketing the house listings on the cell phone is both a positive and a negative. As Adam said, nearly everyone has a cell phone and it will certainly help boost the housing market by reaching a wider range of people. However, I think this application will become uncredible in a sense that if an individual can post an offer through their cell phone, what is the probability that the offer is ligit (for example, say if a cell phone was stolen). I think in implementing this application a lot of security issues will rise.

    --Lisa Matthys