Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Colleges Take Advantage of Cheaper Real Estate

Posted by Albert Tirado

The names of two higher educational institutions have blossomed recently on the marquees of some old Manhattan movie theaters. This development suggests that at least some professional schools are being pressured to expand, rather than contract, because of the recession.

The School of Visual Arts, which teaches fine and graphic arts to aspiring professional artists, added its name to the marquee of Clearview Cinemas’ former Chelsea West theater, at 333 West 23rd Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues, where it now offers events for students and the general public.

In Columbus Circle, the New York Institute of Technology, a nonprofit private institution offering career-oriented professional education, took over Clearview’s former 62nd and Broadway Cinema, which closed early this year. Next month, the school will begin offering the renovated theater to its instructors and unaffiliated groups to use for lectures, film festivals and other events.

“We saw the opportunity to increase our footprint in the Columbus Circle area,” the institute’s spokeswoman, Rebecca Kogan, said. “The school is always interested in acquiring new spaces, whether it be on Long Island or here in Manhattan.”

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  1. hopefully SU take the same advantage like those school in NYC.
    I thought private school could be bigger than public before got here but... SU is too small

    By Minjune Kim