Monday, March 2, 2009

Who won't be helped by housing fix

Posted by Andrew Moran

NEW YORK ( -- Don't have a job?

Struggling to keep up with payments on a home worth less than half the mortgage?

Owe way more than your home's value, but can still afford the payments?

Sorry, but you likely aren't among the 9 million people who may get help under President Obama's $75 billion foreclosure prevention program.

The program, unveiled Wednesday, is being hailed as the most comprehensive fix for the foreclosure crisis plaguing the nation. The president says it helps both responsible homeowners suffering from falling home prices and borrowers either at risk of or already in default.

But not everyone will benefit. The program does virtually nothing for the unemployed, who often don't have enough income to make any reasonable monthly payment affordable. And, since it relies more heavily on lowering interest rates than on reducing principal, it does little for borrowers concerned their homes will never recoup their value...Click here to continue reading

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