Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where’s Tim Allen?

by D. Babbs

Owning a home is like a vacuum, sucking lots of money out your wallet. Maintaining a beautiful home is a job within itself. Home improvements can be very expensive but there are tons of cheap alternatives.

According to the Home improvement on the Cheap gallery from CNN Money, the following is a list of ideas to save on various home improvements:

· Pro-style appliances --Try house-parts recycling centers

· Stone Countertops -- Buy square edge, standard color, or remnant

· Paneled Wainscoting -- Be creative with moldings

· Planting for privacy -- Purchase container plants

· Copper roofing -- Install a prefab system

· Showpiece tub -- Skip the jets or salvage a claw-foot

· Marble subway tile -- Cut the tile yourself

· Picture window -- Gang together stock double-hungs

· Dramatic hardwood floors -- Apply a dark stain

· Closet organization system -- Plan for fewer modules or use a kit

· Built-in media center -- Use stock kitchen cabinets

For example, individuals can use stock kitchen cabinets to get a built in media center instead of purchasing home-theater equipment. With a few personal touches, you can get the expensive look without the expensive price. A little creativity can go a long way when trying to save money on household improvements.

In addition to cheaper alternatives, homeowners may want to look into “greener” alternatives. Because the United States is responsible for 1/4 of all the carbon dioxide emissions on the planet, minor changes can help save the planet and may save money. For instance replace your old, hard-working appliances with newer, energy efficient “green” models or search for a new eco-friendly dishwasher. Energy Star Label appliances use less energy so one may want to consider purchasing those appliances.

In addition, individuals may want to consider buying directing from wholesalers when purchasing items fix up their homes.

A home is a great investment so maintaining its presence is important. Just think outside the box to find cheaper methods of keeping its beauty.




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