Monday, October 5, 2009

Extreme Homes

Real Estate has seen some growth from its base of just a place to live. People don't just want a basic home, they want it customized, some more then others. James May of BBC's Top Gear is one of them. He had a house of legos.
Other options are shipping containers. They offer a low cost, and have an unlimited array of configurations. With the economy today there is also a supply of them.
Sometimes you just have a piece of amazing property, but it is not suitable for building on. You have to build around it, like the home above which is built over a stream. There can be many reasons for one of these extreme homes, some practical and some to stand out, but they are all unique and amazing.

Posted by Chris Keeler

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  1. Interesting take on how different people "customize" their real estate. -Laura Reginelli