Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Smart house hunting: The Senichs

By: Bovemsa Cheung

NEW YORK ( -- The housing bust is not all bad news; some homebuyers have purchased their dream homes at prices they couldn't even hope for a year or two ago.

Take Sara and Jay Senich. They're the proud owners of a newly renovated colonial just outside Washington D.C. - one they had previously rejected as too expensive.

When they first started shopping late last summer, the Senichs set a budget of $500,000. For the money, the couple, in their early 30s, wanted a home close to rail transportation and the District to make Sara's commute to her federal government job more reasonable. They also wanted a big yard and closets, something in short supply in the older suburban neighborhoods they were searching in. And they wanted a good-sized kitchen for Jay, who enjoys cooking.

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