Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trump Says This is The Time to Buy

By Rudy Armstrong

Donald Trump was on CNN Lary King live on april 16, talking about today's economy, which he says "They're great times, as an entrepreneur. I don't think I've ever seen better times as an entrepreneur. But the world is a mess, and the country is a mess." But this is true while big business lay-off jobs people must become creative and become their own entrepreneurs to make that extra cash. Trump says this is a good time for entrepreneur's and not for others becuase, "this is a time for smart people. This is a time for entrepreneurial people. This is a great time for people like me -- and maybe people like you, Larry, because I know you're a great investor. ..." This is a good time to buy, according to the the National Association of Realtors, In the fourth quarter, the national median home price fell to $190,000 from $205,700 in the previous-year period. That is a drastic price difference is a good time to buy. People are starting to move to NYC and other areas that are highly populated but have cheap housing. Some realestors are stateing that in febuary existing homes sales rose by 5%. This can be good for the economy and i hope everything gets back to normal.


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