Monday, April 27, 2009

Real Estate Industry trying to go to "Green" Homes

By: Brandon Zimerman

The two houses that sit off Illinois 19 in Wood River are a glimpse of the real estate industry's future.

The two homes will soon open to the public as models of upcoming development to be known as Rock Hill Trails. Trumpet Builders, of Festus, Mo., is building the 49-lot neighborhood with the environment and energy efficiency in mind.

Anthony Schroeder, president of the project's development company, Well Spring Development Co., said this approach is a holistic design for a sustainable community by building what it calls "high-performance homes."

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  1. I think this article kinda sucks. But I do believe that saving the earth is important and that the whales should not be made into furniture. Also, I think that having a good green economy can get us out of the recession, even though my professor is an idiot. John Smith.