Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Best Places to Live in America

By Velida Alemic

Although the economy is doing terrible and real estate purchases have slowed down, there are still a few places that are good spots for home buying. Here are the top ten cities to buy your home in 2006:

1) Panama City, FL: two bedroom beachfront condos are going for as little as $330,0000, down $100,000 since 2005
2) Vero Beach, FL: nice weather, low property taxes and 3% lower cost of living than nearby West Palm Beach makes this an affordable and attractive place
3) Bridgeport, CT: many business workers are leaving NYC and taking advantage of the severely depressed home prices in Connecticut
4) Lakeland, FL: a house goes for a fifth less than the national median $227,000
5) McAllen, TX: populated with 85% Latinos, they are two decades younger than the non-Hispanic population, they will soon be looking to buy houses
6) San Luis Obispo, CA: good to buy now, prices will be rising soon
7) Wilmington, NC: great gold, natural beauty, mild weather and low cost of living make this a very attractive location to buy homes
8) Manchester, NH: no income or sales tax, also within commuting distance of Boston makes this city eye-catching
9) Fort Collins, CO: constantly appears on the list for “best place to live”, “best place to retire”, “best place to raise a family” so what more can you ask for
10) Atlanta, GA: great job growth is expected for this city so many people are migrating there in hopes of getting good jobs

When Money updated the list in 2008, the only city that made the list in 2006 and 2008 was Fort Collins, CO. Forbes magazine also ranked Fort Collins as the #2 best places to live. This shows that it truly is a good place to invest your money to buy a house for your family.


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