Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How To Improve The Value Of A Home

Posted by Lindsey Connell

There are many ways for someone to increase the value of their home and a few of them are defined in Remodeling Magazine. The first way is to have the siding replaced on the house. Fiber cement and foam-backed vinyl are the two most valuable siding materials and they can net 87% ROI. A second way to increase home value is to have window replacements of wood or vinyl because it can save on heating and cooling bills. Another way is to remodel the bathroom but it is important to note that those who added bathrooms lost value while those who remodeled their bathrooms raised the value. Also, you could do a major kitchen remodel because the kitchen is very frequently used and the bigger, the better. Another way is to add a deck to the house because with the poor economy, people tend to stay home more in order to spend less money so a deck is attractive to customers. Besides this, homeowners should create an attic bedroom because guest beds usually appear valuable to customers. A final addition is to remodel the basement because it can create a 73% ROI. Because large renovations, there are many simple steps to enhance the appearance of a home that will help sell it. These steps include repainting the exterior and interior, mowing the lawn/ cutting weeds, and add new curtains and light bulbs to brighten the rooms.

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  1. Investing in improving our home is a good idea, it will also increase the value of our home.

    Scarlett Lu