Monday, November 23, 2009

Good News for the Housing Market

By: Sara Sindelar

Finally there is some good news with the economy. Though unemployment may still be extremely low the stock market is making a great increase and real estate sales are starting to move in a positive direction. The National Association of Realtors estimated that sales are up 10.1% in October. This is the highest it has been since February 2007.

With the tax credits in place people are buying more houses. The government has extended the credit till April. The tax credit is a great option for first time home buyers to get a great deal if they can afford to buy a home in this time. This tax credit will hopefully continue to raise housing sales. As more positives occur in the economy will spiral into more positives for the United States economy.

Though we saw a big increase experts feel that there will be a decline before we see another big increase in the next year. We just need to hope that the next year brings good economic times.

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  1. Posted By, Meredith Anderson

    I think this is an interesting view of things. Relative to how bad things are this is becoming a more positive time for the real estate market. Interesting that they say it will get worse before it gets better. Nice article.