Friday, February 13, 2009

Steps to take before you sell your home

5 Important Steps Before Selling a Home

Written By: Liwin Troy Lee

Before you go out and sell your home, it is a good idea to have Home Selling Plan. Otherwise you might be making a mistake by putting a “For Sale Sign” outside your house.

1. 1) Consider your reason to sell the home. If you are not committed or motivated to sell your home, you should not sell it.

1. 2) Look for a new home. Create a list of neighbors you may want to live in and drive there. Go to open houses to check out the homes. You can also look online. From here, decide whether it is better to get a new home or stay at your old place.

1. 3) Find a real estate agent to sell your home. Interview a bunch of agents and ask them their plan for selling your home. Ask about preparing to sell a home, pricing and repairs that needs to be done. Make sure you understand the process.

1. 4) Talk to a mortgage lender in your area. Find out how much loan you would be preapproved for.

1. 5) Sell your home before you buy. It is more profitable that way.

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