Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009 Real Estate. A wise investment?

Written by Keun H. Maeng

Admit it. Our world is in fear with the current economy. Amazingly, even with the poor economic issues, there are hopes in the real estate market. Perhaps the solution to our financial crisis could be investing in real estate: the virus and the cure of our economic failure.

As our housing market slowly begins to rise, investors are gathering up in places like Washington D. C. to seek opportunities in the commercial and residential real estate markets. But keep in mind that home prices are expected to fall another 20% before they even begin to recover. Additionally, one factor that real estate investor must keep in mind is to understand the importance of cash flow. According to the records in the IRAs, numerous investors use their self-directed retirement plans to purchase lands. This keen investment had outstanding returns. Therefore, it allows them to sell or rent at a later date and allowing them to cash flow.

With the help from our government’s proposal of $1 trillion wave government spending, there is still hope for survival in the world of real estate. If you are fortunate to invest, do your homework. For those who are struggling to get a loan from the bank, quite frankly, keep in mind that you should buy a home when you can afford it. Fortunate or not so fortunate, let’s not worry too much about the market.

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