Friday, December 4, 2009

Real Estate Market is Showing Positive Signs

By: Sara Sindelar

The housing market hit a big increase for the month of October. National Association of Realtor's index increases 32%. There is a large factor of the first time buyers tax credit that home buyers are taking advantage of. There has been a straight nine month increase in signed contracts. The first home buyers tax credit can equal up to $8,000. The tax credit is worth 10% of the value of the home up to $8,000. It is only for first time home buyers who have not had a residence in three years and this must be their primary residence after purchase. The ending date was November 6, 2009 causing the major increase in October home sales.

Not only is there an increase in buying but a major decline in houses on the market for sale. Lawrence Yun, a National Realtor Association chief economist believes that real estate conditions will be back to normal by mid 2010. (CNN) Many areas are seeing this increase in home sales it is not just a positive country average. Central Ohio saw a 26% gain in October and Chicago area sales were up 33.3%. Along with the unemployment rate declining and real estate home sales increasing there is a lot more hope that there is an end to this recession. There is still a lot of work to be done and debt to be paid back but these signs give a positive that next Christmas may not be so dark.


  1. I wish I knew who to believe. One article will have a positive review of the current market and the next a negative comment. Does anybody really know what's going on?

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